Wedding Dress Salon - Wedding dresses Gdańsk, Tricity

Wedding. A magical word that, not long ago, seemed almost an abstract concept, although you often allowed yourself to think into the future. Until finally someone special appeared and made the shy dreams become a reality.

At the Memolia wedding salon, we know these emotions perfectly. During fittings, our clients often share their experiences. Among other things, the hope is that you will be able to find professionals who will help you make the right choices during preparations. Due to our extensive experience, we know the weight of responsibility that rests on our shoulders. That's why we approach each project individually and work with the bride to find the best solutions.

Since 2009, we have been running a wedding dress salon in the heart of the Old Town of Gdańsk. We support local brands, so we have access to carefully selected collections from small ateliers of Polish designers. Matching the right style to an unusual silhouette or figure is not a problem for us. Our mission is to choose an elegant outfit made of noble materials and lace, which will be comfortable both during the ceremony and wedding fun on the dance floor.

We also select various accessories that will emphasize the beauty of the wedding dress. We sell exclusive Novia Blanca jewelry, headbands and hair decorations, silk veils, outerwear and comfortable wedding shoes. You will definitely choose something that highlights your unique personality.

Have we managed to convince you? We encourage you to further browse our offer on our website, Facebook or Instagram, where we always post the latest wedding dress designs and inspirations. The offer is really wide - we have over 100 models of wedding dresses. Just come to us and we will talk about your wedding.



Salon Sukien Ślubnych MEMOLIA
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